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Books Available at Amazon

At A Crossroads. (What To Do When You Donít Know What To Do).
The book has been written in 41 short chapters that makes it easy 'on the go' reading. Outlining aspects of life that can and do hold us back.

Love Your Life
Love Your Life is all about enjoying life and why at times we veer of course and make barriers and put obstacles before us that thwart our ability to Love Our Lives.

Whatís Love All About
A Mini book outlining the need for love in our lives. For without love we are no better than drones or robots.

Getting The Best Out Of Life
A mini book showing why we need to focus on not only getting the best out of life but enjoy what we have and the company of those significant others around us.

Itís Not You Itís Me
A mini book explaining life isnít about blaming others. Life is about getting on with it no matter what. If we blame others or circumstances we are giving our authority away to others then we lose the plot.

Everything we do, think of, feel, see, touch and implement comes from our mind, nowhere else. We need to be in control of who we are at all times, that we will have less chance of going wrong, enjoy life more and be more healthy both mentally and physically.

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John Rushton, The Life Doctor
Looking beyond the lower elevations of life coaching and self help..
for those who really need to cross boundaries.

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